Waterjet Cutting Centre

1530sm-150x124[1]Our CNC Waterjet Cutting Centre provides Gregory Engineering the ability to produce products with high quality precision competitively priced within productive timelines. With it’s pressure direct drive pump technology (50,000 psi) the waterjet applications include metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, and stone. The use of proven components and innovative technology, results in a high level of functionality. With the ability to cut to 100 mm thick let us help you provide a top quality product for either your customer or for yourself. Fast turnaround available.

CNC Water cut 20mm Matai wood 4mm Alloy screen IMG_2246 Mild Steel - Building Plates 80mm Mild Steel Foam Variety of Products
CNC Water cut 20mm Matai wood
4mm alloy screens being cut
CNC Water cut 20mm Matai wood
Building Earthquake Strengthening Plates
80mm Mild Steel - Cut with water jet
Foam Strips
Steel, Nylon, Glass, Plastic, Rubber, Foam, Ceramic and much more