Coming Soon – Maxiem Water Jet Cutting Centre

Excited to announce our new adventure at Gregory Engineering Ltd: CNC Maxiem Waterjet Cutting Centre. Due to arrive mid – February. Producing a supreme finish straight of the table. The MAXIEM abrasive waterjet machine has the ability to cut virtually any material, such as marble, granite, glass, tile, stone, composites, as well as all metals such as S/S, aluminium, tool steel, titanium, and carbon fibre. MAXIEM JetCutting Centres offer the fastest precision cutting in the industry. The abrasive technology provides higher hydraulic power at the nozzle and better jet stream control. With this proven combination, you can accurately cut complex geometries and corners with efficiency and speed. For further info please contact us or watch out for our Open day!
1530smmaxiemlogo (1)Maxiem_Water_Jet_Acrylic_Cutting